Wedding cakes

The epicenter of any wedding reception is the wedding cake. The beauty of a wedding is the culmination of the cutting and serving of a cake. Over the years, would-be couples have chosen cake designs and flavors but the good news is that the designs have continued to be more elaborate with intricate patterns and unlimited colors. Beautiful wedding packages shropshire is what every wedding couple would look forward to having before their guests and this boils down to how best you choose your designs, flavor and colors. No matter how beautifully your cake has been made, what is most important is its taste. Here are 6 top wedding cake flavors that you may choose from.

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1. Red Velvet

Named after is deep red color, the red velvet cake is a perfect cake for two love birds since it demonstrate romance and love, things that are critically important to any two wedding people. The flavor of this cake is neither too chocolate nor too vanilla. It is best when paired with cheese frosting. what's more, it is extremely rich and smooth. Although a new comer on the list of flavors, the red velvet has become a popular choice for many brides and grooms. Today, many brides and grooms breaking from the traditional cakes and are choosing creative cake flavors. Its deep red color that rests against the cream cheese frosting makes it a special cake on that special day.

2. Chocolate

With many people preferring chocolate flavors, modern weddings are beginning to go for cakes rich in chocolate flavors. The good news is that you can pair this other flavor accents such as orange, mint and strawberry. You can go for fudge or choose to lighten the flavor by opting for German chocolate cake.

3. White Chocolate Mixed with Raspberry

You can also combine the sweet richness of white chocolate with raspberry to have a winning flavor for your guests. Whether you choose a raspberry jam, cream or fresh raspberry filling, a mix of raspberry and chocolate makes a perfect cake for your wedding.

4. Lemon

Lemon cakes are light and tangy. Lemon cakes have become a common flavor in the recent years. You can choose a citrus flavor if you are having a spring wedding. It is the best option for couples who do not want a cake that is extremely rich and heavy. You can give it a tasty and creamy and fruit blend by mixing it with strawberries or raspberries and whipped cream.

5. Vanilla

With plain vanilla flavor, you won't go wrong, and many brides and grooms are opting for a traditional wedding with a vanilla cake. This is perhaps one of the most popular cakes and you can keep it simple by adding a vanilla frost or you can dress it up with a frosting of any kind, including filling or fruit. If you are thinking about trying out something that is simple, a vanilla wedding will be a good option.

6. Carrot Cake

If you are among those who aren't going the traditional way, carrot cake is a great option. Soft and dense, a carrot flavor is moist and consistent. It is delicious if paired with a creamy cheese frosting. Carrot cake is a perfect choice and is one of the common options among the chocolate and vanilla family.

You can now make your decision on which type of cake you wish to have for your wedding by carefully considering all the factors.